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Lyrics submited by: Pasternack

When I come home early in the morning
don't wanna hear the mambo jumbo X2
the mambo jumbo, yeah yeah yeah
make me wanna rumble

when I get home from my work
gotta hear that mumbo jumbo
when I ask you where you've been
it's all mumbo jumbo
the mambo jumbo, yeah yeah yeah
make me wanna rumble

well I say "what happen to my car?"
...the mambo jumbo
When I ask you "who you seen?"
...the mambo jumbo
the mambo jumbo....yeahhhh
make me wanna rumble

(guitar solo)

took the jet plane around the world
gotta hear that mambo jumbo
I was in a tavern in Ko-rea
hearin' the mambo jumbo
the mambo jumbo, yeaaah
make me wanna rumble

I was down at Sam’s pool hall
hearin' the mambo jumbo
Couldn't get but one foot through the door
I can hear my baby doin' the mambo jumbo
The mambo jumbo, whooooo
make me wanna rumble

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