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Lyrics submited by: Shiori

The clouds are floating by... The wind is singing
Even now, along the streets I always used to run along,
white flowers are blooming and smiling.

But it's unstoppable. It chokes me up inside
I love the present, but it will always pass...
It's just like a fragment of the dream I cried over long ago

The serenity that floats by like a fluffy white cloud
And the worries that make my tears spill over
are both connected to the precious future,

Even when tomorrow comes
Even when someday I become an adult
I'm sure I'll always remember.
that you were here with me.
I'll never forget,
even when I'm in the very ends of this vast world.
For this moment that will never disappear,
I thank you, everyone.

The moon is shining down. The wind is sleeping.
In the sky above that always smiles down on this town,
even now shooting stars are granting wishes.

But I don't understand... I don't want us to ever part
for as long as time passes, but we end up being far apart
It's just like the bookmark in the book I read yesterday.

My longing to shine like the twinking stars
And my feelings, however sad they may be,
are both connected to the precious future,

Even when the seasons pass,
even if it's in some unfamiliar place somewhere
I'm sure the future is unfolding.
I'll never forget
that you were all here with me.
For what has quietly begun
from this little place,
I thank you, everyone.

The land where we rode our dreams
set forth from our memories
We'll meet again.
For now, please smile...

Even if it's for a long long time...
Even if you go off far away somewhere
I definitely want you to keep in touch.
Don't forget
that I was here with you...
no matter where you are in this vast world.
For these feelings that will never disappear,
I thank you, everyone.
Thank you for all your tenderness
Thank you for all your happiness
Thank you for all your kindness
Thank you for all your everything...

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