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Zachariah, riah, riah, riah
Zachariah, riah, riah, riah

Well I was wearing this vintage jacket
I had bought at a cowboy shop
Down on 4th Avenue in Tucson
Where the weather's so damn hot

She had ice cream that was meltin' down
The inside of her wrist
She went down to lick it off
And I imagined her kiss

Went strolling through some vagrant park
Where the cats all begged for dimes
Got some lip on my cluestick guitar
And kicked some freestyle rhymes

She noticed an old locomotive train
That had long been off the tracks
And I remembered my days as a hobo
And swore I'd never go back

Well I was ridin' the rail
Ridin' the boxcar
From the valley of the sun to Southern Oregon
Like a rock star
Ridin' the rail
Livin' on luck and hand-me-downs
From Sioux, South Dakota to Prescott, Arizona
I was down

Well it started as a friendly game
My pals and I would play
Until I hopped one headed Northbound
And simply rode away

Met a lady in Mendocino County
Who was gentle as the rain
Made love o'er the fields and prairies
I can't remember her name

We ate cans of beans for dinner
?? old pastry shop
Drank moonshine after dinner
Sometimes at two o'clock

Well I remember losin' track of time
Lost a few friends to this gag
But I learned to play this old guitar
In a dull bluegrass rag


Well those days are long gone now
But I still sail the mine
Keep me in one place for too long
And I'll be runnin' behind

And my lady and I keep driftin'
Like feathers and fairydust
But while her memory still glistens
Mine's beginning to rust

So I still pack the lilac wine
And inhale the daily fine
Well I'm ridin' much slower now
But still runnin' stop signs

Well I sold that vintage jacket
To a different cowboy shop
Down on 4th Avenue in Tucson
Today was too damn hot


From Sioux, South Dakota to Prescott, Arizona
I'm Down (x2)

Zachariah, riah, riah, riah (x5)

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