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We're comin' to kill ya
We're comin' to kill ya, comin' to kill ya (x4)

I want a taste of hemophilia
A drop of thalassemia
I'll drink your blood
If you got sickle-cell anemia
I'm sick as hell at fiendin' ya
I'm hauntin' every dream of ya
Seemingly misleading ya
Just to hear you scream because

Blood is as sweet as moonshine whiskey
Join our side, you can drink some with me, yeah
We want guts to spare, you know they're dead,

We're comin' to kill ya

We're comin' to kill ya
We're comin' to kill ya, comin' to kill ya (x4)

I like platelets on my plate
Don't mistake this, just concentrate
As I fillet your brains like salisbury steak
I'll burp you up later, forgettin' what I ate


Well I'll invade your body; don't try to stop me
We're not Oingo Boingo but it's a dead man's party
So send your little hotties out on the front porch
We'll have

I'm your carcinogen
The dark wins again
Rip your heart in ten parts
And grin again
I'll tear her to jam (?)
Choke your neck fast with my dead hands
And for breakfast
I'll eat your sweat glands
And for dessert
I'll wear your skin as a shirt
Eat your muscles like chicken
And throw your bones in the dirt
It'll hurt as we eat ya
Let the creatures defeat ya
An army, your friend Johnny and a preacher

We're comin' to kill ya
Let us in, cuz we're comin'
We can't die tryin'
You can't try runnin'
You're finished
Quit grinnin'
We're gonna win this
We'll mix your blood with gin
It shakes away the Guinness


I like hemoglobin in my mouth
Your frontal lobe until I spit it out
Yo, we be gloatin', humans taste like trout
And some after dinner smokes are what I'm all about
So take your eyes out with tedious care
My mischievous stare and devious glare
We'll take your greasiest pair of knees, tits and hair
And you know I'll eat


We're karma chamelea
We're karma chameleon

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