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Tales of the future

Ibal lahl arou-sah om-yah-lee
Yah al-bil kou-rou-dil menyaah

Is-bahl kou-tul - ham-mahn ou-saw
Ahl-bi yam-mil kaw-lil laah
Is-bahl ahl-bi im-mil mous-saw heenal - my-dil
Has-bi kaw-lahl arah-baw heena yas'a-lou-na il 'araw-til
- eehl laah

Fis-'ahm mil kaw-waah-reeh yaah
Mi-'aa-nihl kou-laah- aah - leeh - aah
Ay-nah ou-saw kooh nahn min kah-rah-baw
Has-di khamf 'alah ay-nahl musam-meh il-lah tou-lihl

Has-dihl kou-toh ub-beehl ul-ou-saw
Wah oul-leel-arah-baw - wah oul-leel-arah-baw -
Wah oul-leel-
Yaa hub-bi al-mas-daw-nih ah-naay as-dee lil-kou-ral

Mis-'aal bar'oun-nih
Ya 'es-ta-khal-lahl 'am-duh uhm-mee a-raah kah -
Yum-mi yam-mah
As-dee naa-bi yam-mah - al-kharou-si yam-ma
As-ta-wou lee il-lee yam-mah li-laah
Uk-rou 'ou-lee il-oh-daah daw-wah

Oul-lee ya ahl-bi
Oul-lee ya um-mee
Oul-lee ya sa-hib

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